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History Redefined

Although exuberantly indulgent accessories and bold floral trends continue to evolve, global concerns with sustainability have become the forefront of the fashion industry. The idea of domestic decadence and buying quality over quantity has become mainstream in the millennial generation. Young buyers are considering purchasing statement pieces that are meaningful and are meant to last, over the cheap and environmentally unsustainable trends of fast fashion. With a fashion industry slowly shifting its priorities towards sustainability, big brands will *hopefully* start thinking about fashion as an experience and not just a disposable object.  

This collection explores the craft and intentionality of the traditional accessories from the 16th and 17th centuries and how these historical art objects have shaped fashion trends today. Garden themed elegance and over the top decoration played an active role in the lives of the bourgeoise of England and France during this time. These themes will make an appearance in SS and A/W 2021/22 fashion trends as Garden Themed, Dark Baroque and Future Vintage. Especially, in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, consumers are incorporating nature into their daily lives and are craving the outdoors now more than ever. As a result of the lockdowns, consumers are less interested in fashion trends and are more likely to make conscientious purchases that surpass click-bate seasonal trends. 

This exploration in handbag and footwear design is tailored towards woman in their mid-twenties to late thirties who has an appreciation for craft, sustainability, and elegance. She is an independent, cosmopolitan woman with an eye for sophisticated style and a consciousness of the value and quality of slow fashion practices. As she transitions from her quarantine slippers back into her stylish pumps, she craves accessories that are just as unique and elegant as she is.  

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