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Happy Feet


Machine knit socks. Single bed knitting machine, custom designed fair isle patterns, hand manipulated techniques, and finished by hand.  


After doing some digging into the endless photo albums of my childhood, I was hit with the biggest dose of nostalgia. For my fifth birthday, my mom threw the most outrageous party. She joked to my dad that she bought out the entire petting zoo for this circus/magic themed party, but she really wasn't joking. The whole damn petting zoo was there, as well as a magician with a rabbit in his hat, a spinning apple ride, a water slide, and practically every five-year-old I knew. The party was bright, exciting, enjoyable for all ages, and probably my fondest childhood memory. So, why did my mom spend all of this time and money planning a five-year-old's party that she would probably only have vague memories of? Because memories are everything. They remind us of the good times, the simpler times, and and the times we wish we could turn back the clock to.


This knit collection is meant to bring a little bit of childhood nostalgia into everyday life. Something as simple as playful patterns and funky structural elements can bring you back to a place filled with childhood bliss. 


Single Bed Brother Knitting Machine

Custom Fair Isle Patterns

Sock Pattern Construction & Fitting

Hand Manipulated Stitches

Hand Finished

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