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Brisé, meaning broken in French, is a small beating step in which a ballerina’s movement is broken. The beautiful costumes and elegant choreography often mask the physical and mental challenges dancers put themselves through. For many years I wore sparkly leotards and pristine pointe shoes, pushing my body to its physical limits. Unfortunately, a tragic injury ended my ability to continue dancing. Although this relationship was permanently broken, it ended up being my biggest escape. 


Similar to the brisé, this collection tells an illustrative story of my 13 year long, fractured relationship with ballet. The sheer cutouts mimic the fine knit tights that feel like a second skin. Ankle restricting silhouettes, lacing and lattice patterns represent the lacing of pointe shoes and costume corsets. Elegant, yet with a dark color palette, these shoes emphasize the beauty and the darkness of the world of dance. 

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